We specialize in recruiting adaptive leaders in the industrial sector. Subsector specializations include: industrial technology, industrial services, infrastructure, automotive, electrical & electronic products, aerospace & defense, engineered products & solutions, and transportation & logistics.


Lean manufacturing expertise has become a given for executives in operations management. We specialize in identifying leaders with the blended expertise of lean operating practices coupled with adaptive change and leadership practices.


Products companies are embedding technology to create smart products giving rise to the use of artificial intelligence to enable control and automation. The convergence of product and technology creates the need for a new breed of leader – skilled in the utilization of AI to solve unmet needs in their respective markets.

Digital Transformation

Industry 4.0, the digital transformation of industrial companies, is a tidal wave of change with great force and impact. We bring a particular expertise to finding leaders with the adaptive DNA to lead companies through significant transformation. We have experience recruiting leaders with a broad span of know-how from smart products to AI to the ongoing shift eCommerce and the digital marketplace.

Supply Chain

The complexities and fragility of the global supply chain for industrial and consumer products have come into focus in recent years. The requirement to digitally transform supply chain practices is now amplified to overcome constraints in raw materials, finished goods production, and the related transportation of materials.

Consumer Durables

As the digital transformation makes a positive impact on industrial products and supply chain, the same will hold true for durable consumer products but with a focus on eCommerce and advanced data analytics.