Executive Search

Companies facing the challenge of a major inflection point require an adaptive leader with a specific blend of temperament, skills, and experiences. We combine direct corporate experience, a lean executive search process, and a proven executive assessment to reliably identify the leadership DNA to successfully navigate these situations. The adaptive executive who consistently aligns individual, organizational, institutional, and cultural factors creates a shared purpose to effect change. We integrate a comprehensive and validated assessment process into our search for a highly reliable and lasting placement.

Initial success of a new leader is highly dependent on how easily they, along with their staff and the board (or direct manager), can adapt to the change of leadership. Our milestone-based Adaptive Leadership Transitions process accelerates team effectiveness and sets up improvement in corporate performance.

Corporate Adaptation

Every year a significant number of companies will face a major inflection point in their history.  In reality, change is a continuous dynamic and few companies perform well under constant disruption.  Our consulting services are designed to build the organizational capability, the adaptive DNA, to be adaptive and thrive in dynamically changing environments.

Board Advisors

Corporate performance is highly influenced by the strength of an effective board. We are trusted advisors to boards that are looking to evolve, assisting them in the recruitment of one or more new directors for succession and to improve strategic alignment.

Adaptive Leadership Transitions (Milestone-based On-boarding)

The challenges facing a new executive and their team within the first 6-9 months of transition can be staggering. Data suggests that ~40% of executive transitions fail to meet expectations within the first 18 months. New leaders are rarely given a mandate to maintain the status quo following a transition. Executives are typically brought in to stabilize a shaky situation or take a team to the next level. In actuality, both the executive and his/her team are going through significant change following a leadership transition.

Many organizations fail to provide the necessary support to the new executive (and team) during this critical transition period. Our Adaptive Leadership Transitions™ process is validated in practice and accelerates a new leader and his/her team through milestones critical to a successful leadership transition. Our process expands the typical “onboarding” with the most pragmatic and business-relevant approach in the search industry.

C-Suite Succession Pipeline

The lifeblood of an organization is adaptive talent. Most organizations struggle to effectively manage talent and organizational development. Through a strategic partnership, we provide organizations with a unique competitive advantage: data-driven decisions leading to the hiring and development of better leaders.