High Definition, High Reliability

Our lean search process begins with a highly defined target specification with first year performance objectives incorporated to measure success. We offer an integrate a validity-tested executive assessment that drives data-driven selection decisions and improves the reliability of the placement to meet or exceed expectations to improve company performance.

Dedicated Team for Every Assignment

We assign a team of resources that remain with the assignment from the kick-off phase through onboarding. This team includes an experienced Principal/Associate along with a Partner. Our commitment is to serve as an extension of our clients as we represent them in the market. This ultimately drives a very positive candidate experience and serves to add to the positive reputation of the client company. We conduct original research on every assignment and also leverage our professional networks.

Most Transparent Search Process in the Industry

We take pride in our implementation, delivering the most transparent search process in the industry. We leverage technology in a way that our competitors do not – by providing real-time access to our clients to view all of our research, notes, and assessments. Our real-time client portal enables easy access in which our clients can see the progress we are making, 24×7, and ensures no surprises and no questioning of status on the assignment.


We have deep experience working in and helping organizations to adapt. This requires leadership that understands how to bring about change simultaneously in five major areas – Individual, Organizational, Institutional, Cultural, and Purposeful. Leaders that have mastered this framework have a significantly higher track record of success in adapting their company.

As a company, our smaller team allows us the be nimble- quick actions at client’s request. We have a history of being adaptive and flexible, to shift gears with our clients as business needs change or as it becomes clear that the target candidate specification has changed during the course of an assignment.

Systematic, Data Driven

Through a strategic partnership, we offer a best-in-class executive assessment integrated into the search process. The resulting profile provides objective, validity-tested data to match with qualitative behavioral interviews.